Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Summer is proving to be busy here at the museum with visitors stopping in from all over and some pretty fun scavenger hunts taking place. On July 19th, the Municipal Library’s summer reading program students took a day-trip over to see us and participated in a scavenger hunt that had them hunting for artifacts both obvious and not so obvious. Not only did they do their best Indiana Jones impersonations, but the students also discovered valuable information about the ‘treasures’ they scavenged.

One of the buildings the students hunted through is the house we are featuring this week.Hold on…is that someone knocking on the door? Hello? Oh, you’d like to know about the Ranch House? What a coincidence, that’s the building we’re featuring this week. The Ranch House was built by Roy Herold on his homestead north of Stanmore in 1912. It served as the family home for many years. The house was still in very good condition when it was brought into Hanna, and for a number of years it was used as a residence. In 1968, Mr. Shields donated it to the Historical Society. It was moved onto the grounds becoming a valuable addition to the village. The Historical Society did some minor repairs by adding a porch and furnishing it with artifacts typical of life in the homestead era. As well, there are numerous flowers now welcoming visitors. On the porch there is also a collection of blue chairs, perfect for storytelling sessions and tea. To learn more about the Ranch House and the intriguing stories that come with it, pop on down and request a tour of our museum.

Not only does our museum contain interesting and unique artifacts, but we also have a bevy of other events happening on our grounds. Tea at the Ranch House will take place on the 25th at 2:00. Communities in Bloom will also be stopping by on the 25th. Epic Adventures will be at the museum on August 2nd. The Fall Fair is happening on August 12th-13th.

Looking for a great way to spend a couple of hours exploring our area’s unique history? How about listening to a personalized tour with your own guide? Or, is your group looking for an entertaining and unique venue to explore? Then why not check out the Hanna and District Museum where history comes to life?

Author: Ashlyn McCormick