Hanna Hospital – 1918

This was Hanna’s first permanent hospital (usually referred to as the Cottage Hospital), and it served the town for four years.  It was built by Mr. L. de Jurkowski at a cost of $5000 and stood between 3rd and 4th avenues, facing east. It opened its doors on June 1st, 1918 with a staff of two: Miss Keith and Miss Kate.This building could house 6-8 patients at one time, however, at one point in its history it held 31 patients at the same time due to the Spanish Influenza that was sweeping its way across the prairie. This building has been purchased and changed several times, but its resting place is the Museum grounds. Although the interior bears little resemblance to the original layout, the exterior is much the same. It has been fashioned to resemble what it would have looked like back then; complete with hospital beds, wheelchairs, and even a surgery table.