Canadian National Railway Station – 1920

No account of this area would be complete without the inclusion of the railway story. The C.N.R. was the reason for the town being at this particular spot and even gave us the name Hanna; Donald Blythe Hanna had been president of the C.N.R. railway at one time. At one point in time, it housed a family called the Hammond’s which consisted of two parents and six daughters: Eva, Nellie, Francis, Edith, Dorthy, and Fanny. This very prominent Museum building was moved to Hanna from Pollockville (50 miles south of Hanna) in 1968 after being purchased for the price of $1. In 1969 tracks were laid down in front of the situation. The building was completely repaired and filled with railway memorabilia. Since that time, more items have been added including a caboose!