Open For Buisness

Open for Business

The museum has entered its last week of being open, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! Our Tuesday Teas are still happening, we’ve had an art exhibition, and of course, there has been a steady stream of tours!

On the 21st, we had our usual tea. Guests were treated to coffee, tea, and pastries while listening to some tales of our past.

Along with tea, we also had a Sr. artist display take place in the train station. There were many beautiful pieces and copious amounts of people stopped by to admire all the artist’s hard work!

All the buildings on museum grounds have been repainted and are looking spiffy. A big thank you goes out to Dave Ness for the donation which allowed for the painting of the hospital.

Every town needs at least one store, and Mr. Jay C. Trenaman took care of that. Mr. Trenaman first arrived in the Hanna area with his family on June 16th, 1912. His family consisted of his wife Harriet and his two children; Victor (age 4) and Katy (age 5). They came from a purchased homestead in the Hand Hills and transportation to Hanna was slow and hazardous as it was done by horse and oxen. When they arrived in Hanna, they were fortunate to find to find a small building just waiting for them. It served as their home and office until the following year when their real home was built. On August 7th, 1912 the Board of Trade council started with Mr. Trenaman as the first president. Along with the Board of Trade, he also worked on the Hanna Realty Company with Mr. Robertson and Mr. Stirling, the Dominion Lands Agent of the sub-office in Hanna, and served on the council for the school board. The date of his death is unknown, but he will forever be remembered as Hanna’s first entrepreneur.

Coming up, we have one final Tuesday Tea on the 27th, and our museum’s last day is on the 31st. That sums up this weeks article, but make sure to stop by before the museum closes down for the season! Until next time, make history!

Ashlyn McCormick