Paging Dr. Grant

The museum has been busier than a bee this week as we’ve had many tours, tea, and a photo shoot!

On July 24th, we had our Tea at the Ranch House. However, due to bad weather we were forced to move it inside where we discussed the Battle of Ribstone Hill.

On July 21st, the museum hosted a Meet and Greet Signing for local author, Corinne Hewitt. Even with multiple events happening around town, people still stopped by to show their support. While here Corinne also took the opportunity to use the museum as the historical backdrop for a photoshoot.

Think you had a run in with the Spanish Influenza? Can’t move your legs anymore and think you have polio? Never fear for Dr. Jas Grant is here for all your medical needs. Dr. Grant arrived in Hanna with the Canadian National Railway as their company doctor in 1912. At this time Hanna did not have a designated hospital, the first of which would not be built until 1918. He worked at creating a drug store, Alma Drug, on 2nd street and establishing a client base in the small community. While there were few reports of illness during that time, there were several emergencies due to accidents or the sad event of isolated homesteaders not getting the care they needed. One of these injuries involved a gentleman by the name of W.C. Turner, who was seriously injured by falling off of a scaffold, and while Dr. Grant was not available to assist at the time, he still made a full recovery. Not everything was bad on the prairies though. Dr. Grant was in attendance when the first children were born in the town of Hanna. The first children born in Hanna were: a boy born to J.A. McLure family  in 1912 and a boy born December 24, 1912, to the Jas Parker family, and a little girl born January 29, 1913, to Chas. Eade family. Dr. Grant remained in the area until 1916, until he left to return home to Bracebridge, Ontario.

While doctors are incredibly important we can’t forget the people worked by their side; the nurses. Harriet Trenaman arrived in Hanna with her family in 1912 and was the first graduated nurse to work in Hanna. She received her training from the Montreal General Hospital. Her family were among the first pioneers in the Hanna area, moving down from where they originally homesteaded in the Hand Hills. J.C. and Harriet brought with them their children Katie (Hicks) and Victor. She would pass away in 1943 at the age of 76.

Coming up we have the summer reading program coming on the July 30th, Tea at the Ranch house will be taking place on the July 31st, and Epic Adventures will be visiting on August 1st.

It looks like we have another tour, so that sums up this weeks article. Until next time, make history!

Ashlyn McCormick and Alexi Stromsmoe