On The Rails

It’s been a busy time at the museum lately. From the weekly Tuesdays at the Ranch House, a visit from Communities In Bloom, Summer Reading Program and Epic Adventures groups, along with the numerous tours from visitors near and far, we’ve sure been kept on our toes.

On July 30th, the Library Reading Club visited the Hanna Museum and were entertained by a scavenger hunt through various buildings and finishing off the visit with freezies and a juice box, which was a welcome treat after such a warm day.

August 1, the Epic Adventures group visited, and staff were in full motion. There was a scavenger hunt, obstacle course, box forts, and even the opportunity to make homemade ice cream. I think both staff and kids went away exhausted from all the day’s activities.

Have you ever wondered where Hanna got its name? Well, we might be able to solve that riddle for you! Mr. Hanna was born in Scotland and associated with a host of large industrial and railway firms before coming to Canada in 1882. He worked for many early railway companies in Canada and the northern USA. The most notable was Grand Trunk Railway. In 1896, he joined William McKenzie and Donald Mann who organized the CNR. In 1902, he became the third vice president of the Canadian National Railway. During his CNR presidency, a railway was built from Saskatoon to Calgary. In 1918, Mr. Hanna decided to resign after the Canadian Government purchased the CNR. His retirement didn’t last long though as he was later appointed the first president of Board of Directors by the Canadian government to control and direct the CNR in the same year. In 1922, he retired from the railway service permanently and several months of his retirement before the government of Ontario passed the Ontario Temperance Act and Hanna was appointed the first chairman of the liquor control board. After six years of that, Mr. Hanna retired for good and spent the rest of his days relaxing. On December 1st, 1938 Mr. Hanna passed away.

Coming up, Tea at the Ranch House will be hosted on August 7th and the Fall Fair will be taking place on the 10th and 11th.

The museum is in its last month of the season. This doesn’t mean that we will be slacking off though! Tea at the Ranch House will be hosted on August 7th and the Fall Fair will be taking place on the 10th and 11th. This concludes this weeks article, but before we go, we encourage you to stop by the museum for a personalized tour! We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Ashlyn McCormick and Alexi Stromsmoe